Day Three … Survey

Up at 1am. Six hour drive to Little Yacht Sales in Houston. Survey started about 8:45am.

The surveyor went over Attitude with a fine tooth comb and a magnifying glass. He continued right up to 1:15 when the captain arrived to move the boat for quick haul. The enclosure for the diesel was left open for the transit to allow him to inspect it in more detail while running.

After the dry haul inspection we went to sea. There was no wind.

Returning to the slip at around 4pm, i was totally exhausted.

Too fat … too hot … too much sun … and not a bite to eat.

This was a day of fasting.

I made it back home around midnight.

Day Two

Today my youngest son .. Jay .. reminded me .. specific goals are much more meaningful than generalized goals. I should have short term and long term goals. I will strive to refine my goals once I actually have a sailboat.

Right now I have much anxiety about the survey tomorrow, anxiety about the insurance, and anxiety about getting the slip / moving the boat south to the slip. Too much anxiety.

Two days in a row now carbs free.

The Journey

Day One

I chose October 1st for ‘day one’. I am estimating 4400 total days to prepare. This is rounded up from multiplying days/yr times 12yrs.

The things I think need to be accomplished between now and day 4400 …

  • I need to lose weight and get in shape
  • I need to learn to sail
  • Need to get a sailboat
  • Need to establish FB, Website, YouTube presence, and gain sponsors
  • Sailboat needs to be outfitted for long times at sea

Installed Word Press on the website today. Recruited Rodrigo to help Admin FB and Website. Started ‘no carb’ diet … lost some lbs.